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IDA is now one of the leading and experienced event marketing service providers in East Malaysia. We have established a solid reputation in the events and exhibitions community for creativity and strong organizing ability. With an excellent reputation for understanding organizations’ strategic objectives & values and translating these into events we manage. We Offer:

Event venue services - full spectrum service does not begin & end with building modular panel exhibition booths. We will help your whole show comes to life. Our only focus is making your show a total success. After all it’s our show too!
A full complement of services to ensure impact and a hassle-free experience both for you and your exhibitors and audiences.

Offer complete event marketing solutions with full range of services that cover everything from conceptual to design, construction, logistical planning and delivery. For complex events or shows the needs require innovative solutions.

Consolidate your events and exhibitions activities need with fully equipped exhibition hall and rental of all exhibition accessories. We provide full range of exhibit and event theme design services, signs, audio systems, special display items & more, all expertly designed and installed.
Guarantee to provide you with prompt services to your project. Last minute graphics are not a problem with us. Specializing in meticulous attention to detail while providing outstanding logistical foresight and accuracy plans and producing creative events that delivers results.
Total enthusiasm commitment to any event, problem-solve and sound advice with flexibility. The right people able help you to manage the day-to-day details of any show. That is what we do best.
Quality assurances - We strive to provide high quality services at every stage of delivery with the best commitments.
We are here to enhance and promote your branding.
You Will Benefit from
Our Years of Experience.
Permata Exhibition Hall(s) is located in the Kuching Central Business District with ample parking spaces, easily accessible to all public and the renowned Top Spot Seafood centre.

It has a permanent Exhibition Hall A and the flexibility of wall-up extensions for Hall B & C, to accommodate the total number of panel booths scheme to suit each exhibition needs.
Hall Type Dimensions (m) Size(Sq.m) Spec. Recommended
No. of 3m x 3m Panel Booth Scheme
A 50m(L) x 25m(W)


70 - 78


50m(L) x 25m(W)
+ 48m(L) x 17m(W)
2,060 Mobile Air-Cond. 120 - 130

50m(L) x 25m(W)
+ 30m(L) X 17m(W)

1,810 Mobile Air-Cond. 100 - 110


50m(L) x 25m(W)
+ 48m(L) x 17m(W)
+ 25m(L) X 16m(W)

2,460 Mobile Air-Cond. 140 - 150
Full exhibition equipments such as electrical, Audio & Visuals, Furniture & fittings are also available for rental on site.

Location Map please click here for location map
Floor Plan please click here for floor plan of exhibition hall